Mummy dislikes my boyfriend who feeds me

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am 17 years old and an apprentice seamstress. I have a boyfriend who is 22 years old and a mechanic.

Obaa Yaa, the problem is that my mother does not like this boy at all.

She says he is a rascal. Meanwhile, it is this same rascal who has paid for my dressmaking course and feeds me two times in a day.

He even gives me money for trans­portation since our place at Abeka is far from where I am currently learning.

I am disturbed because my mother shows her dislike openly to this boy. I am afraid he will just leave me and I will lose all these benefits. What should I do?


Abeka -,Accra.


Dear Comfort,

If your boyfriend is truly a rascal, then your mother has a point.

She is seeing it from the angle that he might put you into trouble one day, irrespective of the things he has been doing for you.

However, if you truly believes he is genuine and loves you, I would suggest you talk to your mother in a calm man­ner and explain things to her.

You can politely ask your mother to give him time and study him slowly so that she would realise that he is actually not the person she perceives him to be.

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