My friend’s girlfriend is enticing me

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We have been good friends from our childhood days, pri­mary school through to the tertiary level and there has been no problem.

During one of our long vacations, my friend intro­duced me to his girlfriend and further explained to me that, they had planned to marry after they had secured permanent jobs.

I was happy about this union and secretly prayed that they should grow in love and be committed to each other. After some weeks, I discovered that this lady had developed a special affection for me and always praised me for the least thing I did.

Later she started making advances at me and tried on many occasions that I have an affair with her but prom­ised that she would not tell my friend about it.

Despite her repeated in­sistence, I have not yielded to her demands and she has developed hatred for me and kept telling lies about me. What should I do now?


Dear Thomas,

You have shown by your character that you can come out victorious when subjected to a serious test.

Being loyal to your friend no matter the circumstanc­es or conditions, means that you are a trusted, true and dedicated friend.

Since you have discov­ered the true character of the lady, you must keep it to yourself and be obser­vant. You should not be the one responsible for their separation, else your friend will think you are envious of their relationship.

It will definitely get to a time when this girl’s true character will be exposed and your friend will make a decision whether to contin­ue with her or not. This is the only way you can keep your long friendship intact.

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