My luxurious lifestyle is to make me an expensive brand – King Promise

My luxurious lifestyle is to make me an expensive brand – King Promise

Known for his luxurious lifestyle, King Promise has revealed the motivation behind the lifestyle that runs into thousands of dollars.

In an interview on the Delay Show which was monitored by The Chronicle, King Promise revealed that the luxurious lifestyle is to make him an expensive brand so that nobody takes him for granted as an Artiste.

He cited his customized necklace stating that it costs a little more than $10,000 while his diamond earrings were bought “at exactly $2,000.”

His responses aroused curiosity as Delay asked if he has a house of his own.

“The cost of these items sums up to about US$50,000. You have other expensive things you wear. Do you have plans of buying a house soon?” she asked.

In his answer, King Promise said: “I don’t know if I have to say this but I’m already working on stuff. I’m building a house.”

“So, the $50,000 can’t complete the house?” Delay inquired to which King Promise responded “Nope”, adding, “you need to see the house I’m building.”

“When you see me and I pull up in a Range Rover, you know that you can’t mention some price to me. Out of respect, for how I carry myself and my brand; I’m an expensive brand. I’m not bragging; I’m just saying” King Promise added.

Delay established that her question was on the premise that some have, on the back of the reports of his luxurious lifestyle predicted he would become a pauper and beg for money as done by some showbiz personalities.

On how such comments make him feel, King Promise said: “I’m a very optimistic person. I know where I come from, I use my head when I’m doing anything. If I didn’t have much in my account to buy these things, I wouldn’t do it. I won’t spend all my savings to impress people I might not know who is just on the internet.”


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