My sister don’t want me to marry

Dear Obaa Yaa,

WE are three siblings – all girls. My elder sister and I are very close and share almost everything together. When I completed Junior High School, my elder sister was writing her Nov/Dec remedial because she failed in three core subject.

Due to this, my father refused to allow me to further my edu­cation until my sister passed her exams.

Whiles I was home, a friend introduced me to a man who eventually fell in love with me.

We dated for about a year and he has proposed.

My parents are in support of this but my sister is pleading with me not to marry because she is the eldest.

Since that is not the first time she is doing this, I discussed with my father but his response was more in support of my sister’s claim; that she is the eldest and I need not rush into marriage.

What should I do?

Kafui, Sogakope.


Dear Kafui,

It’s sad you are going through this problem and I must say I’m happy you have opened up on this. First of all, you should ap­proach your sister and ask her if she was ready to get married or move to the next level in life because time and tide waits for no man and as women, e mature earlier than men.

Her actions may be delaying you; that is certainly not the best, especially when your man is ready to marry you.

A man who is not ready to settle down will not propose to you. If you put impediments on his way, he would move on and get involved with someone else.

Your sister should not be a barrier to your marriage. Let your parents also talk to her. If she is not ready, it does not mean ev­erything around him must come to a stall.

Pray about it and I trust that God will help you to overcome this problem.

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