Paramount Chief urges Ghanaians: Go back to your roots, know your identity

The Paramount Chief and President of Low­er Town Axim and Nsein Traditional Area, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, has asked Ghana ­ians to go back to their roots to remind them of their identity.

He said going back to our roots would enable all Ghanaians to know where they came from and their present location so that they do not forget their ancestors.

The Paramount Chief said history would also inform them about the way our people dressed, the traditional foods and other cultural set­ups for the current generation to teach their children.

Awulae Agyefi Kwame II was addressing the chiefs, people and invited guests at the climax of the celebration of Heritage Month on the theme, “Protecting the Legacy of the Forefa­thers of Lower Town Axim and Nsein—A Change to Keep” at Atwea Banso near Nsein in the Nze ­ma East Municipality of the Western Region.

He said Heritage Month reminded them of re-enacting a history that dates back to the year 1480, when their great ancestors of the Atwea/Aduana Family led by Nana K obina Enwi settled at a place very close to the sea referred to as Atzim, now known as Axim.

He said the chosen theme presented a cher­ished opportunity to honour their past heroes so that their footprints would remain in the sands of time, as a nation that did not honour her heroes was not worth dying for.

The Paramount Chief said as they have start­ed the celebration of Heritage Month, it will be incorporated into the calendar of the traditional council and celebrated annually to commemorate the triumphant settlement of the Atwea/Aduana Family at present-day Axim long before the Euro­peans came to Africa.

He tasked all Queen Mothers within his juris ­diction to start education and practical demon­strations of traditional foods in their localities to show the young girls and even boys how import­ant our local foods were.

He recommended the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) for coming out with such an innovation, adding, “I am not surprised because GBC is the premier broadcasting station in the country, so all the archives must be with them.”

The Municipal Chief Executive of Nzema East, Madam Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah, said the celebra­tion of Heritage Month was a brilliant idea since it reminded us of our ancestors and what they stood for.

She said the celebration also reminded us of traditional foods Ghanaians were fast forgetting and ignoring because of Western foods, which were cheaper to prepare but had fewer nutrition­al values.

Nana Mgbele Asumadu V, Tufuhene of Low­er Town Axim and Nsein Traditional Area, who chaired the function, said the programme made her a fulfilled woman of God to understand her roots and that the vision would last for genera­tions.

She said the children should learn their tradi­tions to sustain the rich cultural heritage of the land because countries outside Africa come to Ghana to study our cultural setup, which is very prestigious.

 From Peter Gbambila,

Atwea Banso near Nsein

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