Parents forcing daughter, 22, to marry Doctor, 56 yrs

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am a young lady in one of the tertiary institutions in the country and zealous of pursuing my education to the highest level.

However, my parents are compelling me to marry a medical doctor who is 56 years old, a father of three children who is not friendly.

My parents have reached this decision because of pov­erty and they find it difficult to cater for me and the rest of my siblings.

Though I have appealed to them to rescind their deci­sion, they are still pressing hard to go ahead and contact the medical doctor without my approval.

What action should I take?

Esi, Accra.

Dear Esi,

Education is the pivot around which a nation’s development revolves, hence all efforts must be made to encourage more people to go to school.

I suggest you inform your relatives to talk to your parents about the essence for higher education and the need for your rights to be respected.

They should understand that marriage thrives on love, tolerance and mutual understanding. Therefore, compelling children into marriage these days should be discouraged.

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