Partisanship will take us nowhere

 Dear Editor,

As individuals, we belong to differ­ent groups, and over the years have aligned ourselves or supported different ideologies and political parties.

But the question is whether we must allow our party colours or ideological differences cloud our judgment when it comes to discussing matters of national interest?

I believe, irrespec­tive of our affiliations, individuals or groups must be bold in con­demning policies or de­cisions which may put the country’s develop­ment agenda off gear.

Objectivity, fairness and consensus building on national issues, in my view, would go a long way in helping us to find lasting solutions to matters that are retarding our progress as a nation.

It has been the norm in Ghana where successive governments failed to continue development projects initiated by previous governments because they do not want their opponents to “take the credit”.

This posture, in the long run, is count­er-productive, hence the need for all to come together and change the narrative. When it comes to na­tional issues, all hands must be on deck and all views, irrespective of party affiliations, must be taken seriously.

The saying in Parlia­ment, that “the minori­ty will have their say but the majority would have its way, should not always be the case.

Frankly, consensus building is important if we care so much about the growth of our dear nation. Partisanship, to some extent, has retarded our devel­opment and I believe we can make progress when we put aside our political lenses.

Jennifer Quaye,

Kaneshie, Accra

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