Police Hospital to bury 150 unclaimed bodies

Police Hospital to bury 150 unclaimed bodies

At least 150 unidentified and unclaimed bodies are set for mass burial by the Ghana Police Hospital.
The exercise, which is expected to commence on June 1, 2023, forms part of routine measures to decongest the hospital mortuary.
A statement signed on behalf of the Medical Director of the Hospital, by Superintendent of Police(Supt) Francis Oppong-Agyare, Staff Officer of the Police Hospital, stated that the bodies have been in the mortuary since December last year.
The statement stated that the unidentified and unclaimed bodies were made up of paupers, unknown former patients, abandoned bodies, accidents and crime victims.
“The public is being informed about the decision in order to avert a situation whereby such bodies are added to those earmarked for mass burial,” it said.
The statement urged the public who have not seen their relative for some time to contact the Pathology Department of the hospital.
It said the Staff Officer encouraged the public to always keep on them identity cards to help in easy identification during emergencies such as health crises or accidents.
The statement called on the public to collaborate with the hospital in the exercise to promote safety at the hospital.

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