Post Match Presser: Every word from Coach Otto Addo after Mali victory

Post Match Presser: Every word from Coach Otto Addo after Mali victory

Our head coach Otto Addo had plenty to smile about after his side delivered a stunning win on the road in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Mali on Thursday.

We came from behind to record a dramatic 2-1 victory over the Eagles of Mali and also recorded our 1st competitive win in 2024. After the game the boss was asked about the performance, nerves, the state of mind going into the next game and playing in an unusual temperature in Bamako.

Here’s a full transcript of the post-match presser:

On problems in the early stages of the game

I think we had big problems in the first twenty minutes. Mali made good pressing; we had difficulties to stand firm and allowed them to make chances. After that the tempo of the game went down, we controlled the game until they scored. It was a little bit unnecessary to go down (0-1). It was a lucky goal but in the second half we came back stronger, we deserve to get the equalizer we had some good crosses and some good chances which didn’t go in but later we scored. After the goal, Mali made some changes; we had some difficulties and so we also had to make some changes and this is very, very important for the team to understand that this is a team. Not only the first 11 decides the game, also those on the bench and Fatawu did it. Good job in pressing, winning the ball, Jordan was there and he scored. In the end he was a little bit lucky to score but I think in all well deserved.

On playing in an unusual weather condition

We played good under this circumstances, 42 degrees, is very, very hot for us but I think we did well to finish this game as winners.

On-going into the game with a winning mentality

We had a win in our mind but I wanted to get to the game and have a feel first. For me it was very difficult to play a fully attacking game because Mali is a good team and it’s very, very hot here. So I have to see how the game will go and decide either to put more offensive players or defensive players. So in the end, we made changes by bringing on more offensive players and they scored for us.

On fighting spirit

I think we had a very good fighting spirit but this game was at the edge, it was 50/50. I think Mali had some good chances; they have a very good team. I don’t think it’s fair for the fans to boo the players to be honest because this game was even. And at the end our substitutes made the difference, we scored and we are happy. But we had a very good fighting spirit that is true.

On keeping the three back system

Every game has different demands. For this game, I chose this system but in the next game, maybe I will chose something else don’t know yet. So we will look firmly to see what we can do against Central African Republic. To be honest, it’s going to be tougher because now everybody expects us to win and it’s going to be difficult just like today. These games are on the edge. If you see all the games, they are all on the edge. Central African Republic picked a draw against Mali so we have to expect a very, very strong team against us. They won 1-0 yesterday so it’s very, very tight and it’s going to be difficult and like I said every game demands different option, different actions because Mali play different from Central African Republic. I can’t say I will play the same, maybe I will do so if I this will be the right thing but for now I don’t know.


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