Pregnant woman says she regrets marrying man with six packs and big biceps

Pregnant woman says she regrets marrying man with six packs and big biceps

A pregnant woman who is married to a gym instructor has opened up about why she regrets entering into the life-long union with him.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, poured out her frustrations in a letter that was published on

“My husband and I married some five years ago. During this period, we have had some good times and some not so good times. We were school time friends, but we were not close then. After school, I lost his number and I didn’t hear from him. When we were in school, he was a normal guy. He wasn’t the gym type and so when I met him at one of our school reunions looking very muscular, I was even surprised. Everyone was talking about how he had changed.

“We rekindled our friendship from there and we started dating some months later. I’m normally not the jealous type, but it wasn’t easy seeing how girls were flirting with him in the comments session of his Instagram posts when we were dating. But in all of it, he proved himself to be a faithful guy.

“He became a trainer at his gym and he was training ladies too. He started encouraging me to be going to the gym with him and be fit too, so I started going and he was even training me. When we were dating, I noticed a few signs of the issue I have with him now, but I will brush it off because I loved him so much. But now, being married to him with a son and another baby due in a month, I can clearly see how selfish and obssessive he is over his life and over his body. My husband can spend hours standing behind the mirror and flexing his muscles. Every decision he takes is about him and his physique. He puts himself first and I feel that is very selfish of him to do that.

“He has always been particular about what he eats and tries to calculate his protein and calorie intake, but recently it has become too much. He gets angry with me if I am not able to prepare his homemade natural smoothies on time, or if I don’t add enough fish or eggs to his food. At a point he angrily asked me what was my use if I couldn’t prepare a simple recipe he showed me through a YouTube channel. He apologized later after returning from the gym and we made up. But it is very difficult to forget the words people tell you and although I have forgiven him, I can’t forget what he told me.

“He is being very inconsiderate with me because I am heavily pregnant and I still do all the house chores and cook while he is always obssessing about his body and the gym.

“His gym work is his full-time job and it pays our bills. I’m a salesperson, but because of my pregnancy I am resting for now until I deliver. My husband doesn’t even compliment me or my body. He has never done that. Not even when I was gyming with him. But he will always draw my attention to how his six packs are thicker than before, or how his biceps and bigger than some years ago. When he is home, it’s always about him and how hard he is working in the gym. I feel like I am always in the background although I am his wife. I have asked him if he ever sees me the way he sees his body because it’s almost like I am competing with his body and his muscles all the time and it’s so frustrating. We can be going somewhere and he will spend a lot of hours admiring his body when I will be waiting to use the mirror. He will tell me to use the small hand-held one because he is busy.

“At this point he is really making me regret marrying him. When I tell him, he will say I am exaggerating because of the pregnancy hormones. I really love him and I wish he can change because he seems to be getting worse with each muscle he packs on his body,” the anonymous woman wrote as quoted by the news website.


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