Promoting local dishes: Hundreds turn up for ‘Gob3 Festival’ in Accra

Promoting local dishes: Hundreds turn up for ‘Gob3 Festival’ in Accra

● Some family time queing at a stand

Hundreds of patrons converged last weekend at the Tetteh Quarshie Roundabout in Accra to participate in a newly introduced food bazaar dubbed: ‘Gob3 Festival’, as part of activities to promote Ghanaian heritage in the month of March.

The much anticipated event, organised by Media General Ghana, brought together food vendors and enthusiasts, families and friends, who took the opportunity to enjoy one of their favourite dishes amidst other entertaining activities.

As at 10 am, the first batch of the meal had finished while the second batch was consumed around 3pm.

‘Gob3’ is an acronym for gari, oil, beans and egg. The term is popular in secondary schools and on university campuses, due to the relative afford­ability and ‘salvation’ it gives com­pared with other foods.

The Channel Head of 3FM, Mrs Lois Kissiedu, said her outfit had concep­tualised the event last year with the aim of projecting local foods but some delays made them to resechedule the event to 2023.

“We, therefore, decided to do this festival during the month of March, also known as the Ghana month to promote the eat Ghana, wear Ghana, watch Ghana, agenda.

Mrs Kissiedu said the event would be held annually to connect families and friends and promote Ghanaian culture.

There were some side attractions such as soft archery, bouncy castle, ludo, oware and other games which involved both parents and children.

The Okpo-Mates from the Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University of Ghana were also present to grace the occa­sion with cheer songs (Jama).

Dancing and eating competitions were also held while Palm Wine Music Group ‘Kwan Pa’ band thrilled the fans.

 By Yunussah Essandoh

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