Reflecting on some negative things in our society

The penchant for falsehood peddling in our country especially in our political circles is something that worries me a lot since it would have a negative impact on the youth who are supposed to mirror the behaviour of adults. 

It brings into question the motivation for people desiring public office whether, indeed, they are motivated by a genuine desire to serve society.The pronouncement by the NDC that soldiers have been deployed by the President to only the Volta Region with the intention of voter suppression was found out to be false. 

It was revealed by the Minister of Defence later in a press conference that soldiers had been deployed along all our borders for various security reasons.  The Minister was compelled to provide information that was not meant for public consumption in that it may provide a loop hole for terrorists, secessionists, smugglers etc. to exploit. 

If such pronouncements were not made by the NDC, the minister would not have been compelled to make statements that had the potential to affect the security of the nation. 

There is also a worry about utterances that have the potential to affect national cohesion.  Media reports have alleged pronouncements attributed to operatives of the NDC that claim that the NPP is saying that the people from the Volta Region were Togolese not Ghanaians. 

Recently there have been a lot of destructive activities against the state by secessionists from the Volta Region.  Clearly their activities may have been influenced by such allegations which by their nature might have given them the impression that their agitations to secede may have the support of the opposition party. 

People and organisations must, therefore, be circumspect in their pronouncements in order to maintain the cohesion we enjoy as a nation.

There is this attitude of a lot of Ghanaians who disregard, doing the right thing. We still find people who after drinking water throw away the sachet on the street without any sense of wrong doing. 

There are some people who instead of throwing their house hold rubbish into their own Rubbish Bins in their homes, rather throw them into those bins meant for public use close to their homes. 

When such public bins get full before the anticipated collection time, some members of the public who do not have the right mentality keep adding on to the overloaded bins causing spill overs that eventually become a nuisance on our streets and environment. 

Ultimately the trash would end up in our drains, get them choked and cause flooding when the rains set in, resulting in damage to properties and loss of life. This attitude must change to preserve the environment and help save the country from unintended expenditure to save life and property during floods.

Lack of respect for the elderly is a new threat to the Ghanaian culture.  Back in the day, when an elderly person entered a bus and the seats were full, a young person would gladly relinquish his or her seat for the older person. 

This attitude is gradually setting eroded and must be of concern to every right thinking member of our society.  This lack of respect also finds expression in our political landscape resulting in insults being unleashed on our airwaves against very respectable persons in society.

The fallout from this is people with requisite knowledge and experience capable of turning the fortunes of our dear nation around, refusing to accept roles in public office.  The loss to our dear nation cannot be quantified and is a sad situation that must be corrected.

The COVID-19 prevention or safety protocols that have been outlined by the government through the Ministry of Health is a good initiative that must be applauded. However, the compliance to this protocol leaves much to be desired. It is as if a vaccine has been found and, therefore, there is no fear of infection any longer. 

There is a popular saying that prevention is better than cure and so even if a cure has been found, it is not a wise move to throw caution to the wind. 

The cost of medicine procured by the government could have been put to a different use since the needs of our nation are numerous.  The careless abandonment with which people go about their duties is frightening. 

The disease which can spread quickly is caused by a virus which is constantly mutating and so the drug or vaccine that is produced today cannot be potent to deal with another mutant of the same virus six months from now.  The enforcement of the law governing the protocol must be taken seriously.

The political parties must be impressed upon to ensure the enforcement of the COVID-19 protocols.  The pictures on our TV screens, give cause to worry. 

People milling about in rallies to get closer to the presidential aspirants and the interactions among supporters must be deeply worrying for any person with a little appreciation of the pandemic. 

We cannot afford to let our guard down simply because we see our number of infections declining.  A second wave can be generated easily if we do not observe the protocols and would be disastrous for our economy. 

If the giants like the US, Germany, France, UK etc. are having economic problems due to this pandemic, can you imagine what can happen to our economy should we experience another wave of infections with the likelihood of a lockdown?

The last issue I would like to draw attention to is the secessionist agenda alleged to have been propagated by one Kosi Kedem, a former Honorable Member of Parliament of our dear nation and a member of the NDC. 

People like him and other like minded, must be condemned in no uncertain terms for engaging in actions and utterances that portend danger to the cohesion of our country.


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