Relationship tips… advice for single men

7. Do not play games

We have all been there, wheth­er someone has played games with us or we did it to someone else thinking it would make things more interesting or intense. If you are interested, make it clear.

If you are not interested, respectfully say so and move on — and let the other person move on too.

8. Be Open-minded

One of the hardest things about looking for love on online dating sites is that we tend to make snap judgments we would not necessarily make out in the “real” world.

But keep in mind that so much of our attraction to someone comes from getting to know them. Take time to actually read some­one’s biography before deciding you are not interested in shooting them a message.

9. Do not expect perfection, even from yourself

Just because someone is per­fect for you does not mean they are a perfect person. We all have flaws, and that includes you and your future partner.

10 Look for someone with com­mon interests

If you are searching for some­one to spend forever with, shared interests will make life together a lot more fun. That is not to say you have to love all the same, but a little bit of treading on the same ground can pave the way for some special moments.

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