Residents rescue cat from 40-foot tree

In an epic rescue mission, almost an entire town in Wales came together to help a cat stuck in a tree.

Residents at Tredegar, in the south east of the country last week rallied around the 40-foot tree for four days to rescue the feline, according to media repors.

Leanne Skinner, 36, said it all started on Saturday when he went for a walk with his friends.

“We were walking back and I heard a cat crying. We looked around for it, in the bushes and everywhere, but we just couldn’t see it. We could just hear this loud and pitiful cry,” she narrated.

Ms Skinner and her friends realised that the cat must have been stuck on a tree and called Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), which arrived the next day when the cat had still not moved.

The charity arrived at the scene with fire services, but their attempts to rescue the cat – a female named “Cookie” – proved unsuccessful. Cookie only went further up the tree, probably scared.

Ms Skinner posted about the cat on Facebook received an astonishing response with “so many people ringing and messaging offering to help,” she said.

“People have tried to get it down with a fishing net and coax it down with food and treats,” she added.

According to reports, a scaffolding company saw the viral attention and built a structure around the tree to help the cat down. Still, it took four days until Cookie agreed to be helped.

The Scaffolding company called the rescue mission a “community effort” after the cat was finally brought down from the tree.

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