Respect Ga Traditional Council’s ban on noise-making in Accra

 The Ga Traditional Council (GTC) has announced a month-long ban on drumming and noise-making in Accra as part of preparations for the celebration of this year’s Ga Homowo Festival.

According to the GTC, the ban begins today and ends on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

The ban is an annual traditional rite that precedes the celebration of the Homowo Festival, referred to as “Odadaa” by the chiefs and people of Ga Mashie, and which requires silence and tranquility for more than a month after the ritual planting of the crops.

Some communities the ban affects are Ga Mashie, Korle Gon­no, Dansoman, Sakaman, Malam, Gbawe, Bortianor, Ngleshie-Amanf­ro, Kokrobite, Oshiyie, Obaakrowa, Kofi Kwei, Ahida, Papase, Pokuase, Amasaman, Sapeiman, Achimota, among others.

Within the period of the ban, no one or no group of people should engage in any form of noise-making, including the use of loud speakers for music or preaching in the various communities.

This is in line with the beliefs of the traditional Ga people. It is, therefore, important for each and every person to respect the ban.

Adhering to the ban is good because it will show that we are tolerant of one another in spite of our religious differences.

No individual or group of people should attempt to enforce the ban in their own way; otherwise, those who are opposed to the ban may also want to defend themselves against its enforcement. This will result in chaos or disturbances that may lead to injuries or even deaths.

In the past, this has been the situation, and it has not helped any person or group of people in the country. For this reason, we need to maintain peace to ensure that Gha­na as a whole becomes the winner.

In this regard, traditional be­lievers should not take the law into their hands and brutalise any per­ceived offenders as the result will be disastrous.

They must work closely with the police, who are enforcers of the law. Peace must prevail, and this is what we want to see. Peace is paramount to the socioeconomic development of this country.

We, therefore, cannot compro­mise peace. Let us respect one another when it comes to religious beliefs, for peace to prevail in the country

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