Should we give up on our childlessness?

Dear ObaaYaa,

Our marriage which had received the consent of both families started on a good note which made us to be happy and excited. We were filled with optimism that things would be well after our honeymoon to enable us to enjoy life to its fullest.

Unfortunately, after two years of marriage, we discovered that the much sought-after pregnancy was not forthcoming. Initially, we presumed the delay could be as a result of anxiety and urging from families and friends.

During my wife’s first visit to the hospital, the doctor told her to relax since it was not too late for her to conceive. However, having waited till the seventh year, our patience was beginning to run out and frustration set in.

Several checks conducted at the hospital on both of us have proved that we were capable of giving birth, but it was inexplicable why the delay had persisted all these years.

Having waited almost 10 years in great expectation, we are beginning to throw our hands in despair and see how nature will treat us.

Within this stressful period, l had calls from relatives, friends and associates about the need to marry another woman in order to raise children for the family. In the same vein my wife also had many promptings and pieces of advice from those close to her.

I must indicate that my wife has taken different medications prescribed by different doctors but all to no avail.

As humans, the more we hear such promptings or urgings, the more disturbed we become and this is affecting our trust in God.

We are currently confused and not sure of what to do with our lives as a couple.


Dear Daniel,

Some couples have serious challenges in their marriages and it takes those who are prayerful, dedicated and spirit-filled to go through trials and difficulties and still remain united.

You ought to be commended for defying the urging from others butstanding by each other in these difficult times and hoping against hope.

The point must be made that you are not in this trouble alone since many are also facing similar problems in their marriages, but still moving along.

Having come this far, it is likely your doctor will prescribe other medications to help solve your problem. What you ought to do is to stick to the prescription of the doctor and you will be successful.

You can overcome your problem because l know of a couple who had stayed more than 10 years before the first pregnancy, and this was followed by two others in succession.

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