Sim card re-registration and economic growth (Part 1)

<strong>Sim card re-registration and economic growth (Part 1)</strong>

For over one year now, many people have still not been able to re-register their SIM cards, giving reasons that at very unacceptable in some cases.

When the public was first advised to re-register their SIM cards over two years ago, many of them did not take it serious. In fact, each time a dead­line is given, you find many people rushing to go and register to meet the deadline and anytime this deadline is relaxed, the numerous queues at the registration centres vanish immedi­ately.

Surprisingly, many groups of people including politicians resort to attacks on the Minister of Communi­cation as well as the entire govern­ment. This us surprising seeing that the re-registration exercise is being carried out to protect the interest of all Ghanaians.

One way of ensuring that business organisations are able to expand their activities freely and confidently is to fight hard to eliminate deceit of business men and also see to the elimination of all business fraudsters from society. If the system is not sanitised in this way, it would lead to the collapse of business and economic growth.

It is in the light of this that we need to try as much as much as possible to eliminate businesses fraudsters as well other scammers whose interest is always to destroy what is good and increase fear in security. It is this fear that discourage people from having confidence in the economy and dissuading people from expanding their economic activities at the individual as well as group or corporate levels.

Many people in this country have experienced situations in which strange numbers are used to deceive people into thinking that business transactions can be arranged with unknown people. Some people in this country have fallen victims to these scams.

As a result of all this, confidence in business has been adversely af­fected. At the International level, purple use fake numbers to influence others to pay money for the supply of certain goods. Many people have lost huge sums of money for which reason certain businesses have collapsed or are not doing well at all.

Some times, such tricks are used also to kidnap people so that the kid­nappers can go for huge ransoms. All these have lead to the evaporation of confidence in the economic system.

It is for this reason that many business men and women find it very difficult to carry out large business activities and have to improve the economic situation in the country. When people lose confidence in this way, they find it difficult to expand their business activities and employ more people.

Similarly, when corporate organi­sations also find it difficult to expand business activities in this way, it slows down business growth and economic expansion. The result is slow rate of economic growth due to fear of business scam.

It is therefore important for man­agers of the economy and planners to do their best to ensure that the system is sanitised well enough for business growth. If this is done, it would boost confidence in the econo­my and facilitate business growth and expansion.

What this means is that business growth and expansion cannot come on their own but deliberate effort must be made to ensure the pre­vention of all economic crimes by scanners.

Seen in this way therefore, special effort must be made to ensure that all scammers and criminals are easily detected and punished. When such criminals are detected in this way, it will serve as a deterrent to other criminals who may want to cash in and make economic life uncomfort­able and unbearable for business tycoons in the country.

When business tycoons lose hope in the economic system and are un­able to promote business growth, it is the economy as a whole that suffers. As a result, economic expansion be­comes limited and economic welfare also falls below standard.

It is in the light of this that efforts to re-register all SIM cards must be encouraged. While a section of the people support the re-registration ex­ercise, others appear not too pleased with it. Thus explains why we all need to understand why the re-regis­tration exercise is very important.

In the next part of this article, we shall try and explain why politics must be put aside for the promotion of common national economic inter­ests to help in promoting the welfare of every person in this country

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By Dr. Kofi Amponsah-Bediako

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