Simple gestures for saying ‘I Love You’ without uttering a word (final part)

Simple gestures for saying ‘I Love You’ without uttering a word (final part)

If you are in a new relationship, excitedly planning on tying the knot, or have been married for over a decade or so, keeping the flame of love at its right place is very much important to keep the intimacy for a lifetime.
But as time passes by, either party surely feels like all their surprise gestures to say I love you, are no longer working or their minds tend to scream for some help from the love and relationship experts.
Here are some tips to resurrect a dying relationship.
6. Take her on an unexpected dinner date
Organise a surprise special date for your lovely partner. You can choose the most sentimental restaurant for both of you and rent the whole place to hype up the moment. Do it on a normal day and you will witness how priceless it is to see her most contagious smile. Remember that the quality of time you spend with her is much more important than the quantity.
7. Send your partner a hand-written love letter or a poem
Bringing back the traditional could be the most romantic thing you could do for love. And that includes writing a hand-written love letter or a poem for your awesome lady. Some partners can make simple writing into a whole book made with love. Having your partner’s love letters or notes with you could bring out the joy in their hearts.

8. Compliment your partner on random moments
You will not know the prize of complimenting your partner unless you do it on random moments. Therefore, cultivate the habit of telling how lovely he or she is even in between your deep conversation, in the middle of your dinner date or while walking down the streets together.
And once you consider doing this simple yet sweet gesture, expect to see the sweetest smiles on your partner’s face on those random moments!
9. Always remember the little details told you
Girls definitely talk a lot about everything under the sun, while boys get easily irritated with this behavior, men consider it as the most romantic storytelling event on their lives.
And if you are really head over heels to your lady, always listen to whatever she is saying no matter what.
Not just that, always keep in mind even the little details she keeps on talking about like her favorite nail polish color, what irritates her the most, her favourite month or season, her favorite haircut, and so on and so forth.
10. Send your partner gifts
Sending over some gifts is one of the gestures of love. Surprise your partner by sending over some token of gifts to him or her at work, class or even on a random day. In that way, you are also sending her a message about your endless love and unparalleled affection to her.

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