Some steps for finding hope in your relationship

Everyone goes through tough times. Every relation has a rough patch and demands compromise. All roses have their thorns and you just need to get through them, together.                            At times when we have been facing difficulties for a very long time, we start to believe that nothing can make things work. Soon, every small thing starts to bug you and build up that frustration.                                                                                                                                          Before you know, you’ve given up all hope and walked out of the relationship.                                    Here are a few things that have given me immense hope in the times when I and my partner had almost given up. I would recommend that you and your partner do this together. A small exercise that will revive your relationship.


You and your partner must communicate with each other about why you are doing all these things. Sometimes, you already know something but want to hear it from your partner, like listening to your partner say I love you’ is something you can never get used to. So tell your partner that you’re doing this because you want things to work and because you are not ready to let go till you have tried everything to make things work. Also, hear what your partner has to say. This will help you see that your partner is trying equally.

 Go down memory lane

Sit and talk about how you and your partner met. Disclose the things that you remember from that day. It’s like drawing a painting with your words. Aid them to imagine and relive that day. Also, listen closely to what your partner has to say about that day.

This moment is the most essential and memorable moment of any relationship. Ask your partner to do a little role-playing activity. At first, switch roles with your partner. Let your partner see themselves through your eyes. If you were the one to propose, let them be the one to do it the same way you did. Remember, act it out the way you remember and don’t guide each other during the activity. Once you are done, do it the way it actually happened. There always will be a slight difference between the role play and the actual incident. Usually, your partner will always make your role seem a lot more magical because that is how the moment was for them. Also, this small act will show both of you how much effort was made from both sides.  My partner and I had already found hope once we reached this step, I am sure you will too.

Recall special moments

The best times of a relationship are when the two laugh together. Remind your partner of the funniest moments in your relationship and laugh with him/her. This will show both of you how many great times you have spent together and that all those memories are worth one more try, at least.

Even though you’ve done it as an activity and you both know that you only said you’ll try because you were asked to do so but remember you wouldn’t do that, even, if you weren’t trying in the first place.


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