Support girls to accept menstruation with dignity

 Last Tuesday was World Men­strual Hygiene Day, a Day to raise awareness of menstrua­tion, eliminate the stigma attached to it, and take action toward a shared objective.

Organisations and groups cele­brated the Day, which is observed on May 28 every year, by congregating at different locations across the nation.

The subject of this year’s cele­bration was “Together for a period friendly world.”

The programmes have been informative, opened girls’ eyes, and expanded their understanding of menstrual hygiene because of the attention, making the Day’s celebra­tion relevant and educational.

During the national commemo­ration at the Odorgonno Senior High School in Accra, First Lady Samira Bawumia gave 5,000 packages of sanitary pads to be given to girls attending schools under the Ga Cen­tral Municipal Assembly.

She emphasised the necessity for group action in order to promote menstrual health and guarantee that inexpensive, sustainable menstrua­tion products are available to all,

According to reports, millions of schoolgirls lack access to men­struation products, proper facilities for menstrual health, and accurate knowledge about menstruation, thus her request is appropriate.

Despite the fact that menstru­ation is a natural part of life, most girls experience shame during their periods because of the stigma associated with it. This limits their mobility to the point that some miss days of school.

Increasing knowledge is import­ant because it helps young girls, in particular, accept and appreciate their menstruation as a natural part of growing up.

In addition to government ini­tiatives, organisations, individuals, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) must provide sanitary pads to schools.

To make menstruation pads affordable, the government must remove the tax component entirely. Teenage girls should always have access to their parents so they can learn about menstruation and self-care throughout their periods.

Girls need our combined efforts to be encouraged to accept their menstruation with dignity

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