Tame reckless motor riders

Tame reckless motor riders

●Some of the riders disregard traffic regulations

Dear Editor,

I wish to bring to the notice of the Ghana Police Service how some motor riders also known as ‘okada’ have turned pedestrian walkway into their operating or riding spaces. Their behaviour has become an issue of concern to me because of the dangers they pose to individuals especially the young ones whose parents send them on short distance errands.

Some of the ‘Okada’ men ride at top speed without blowing a horn to alert individuals but rather blame pedestrians for being careless.   Apart from them not minding the young ones who could be injured as a result of recklessness, many of the riders tend to disregard traffic regulations.

This negative attitude and the irresponsibility on the part of these riders have over the years cost so many road users their dear lives while others have also been rendered incapacitated.

I will urge individuals to be more careful when walking along the road. The law enmforcement agencies should caution these ‘Okada’ men to desist from using the pedestrian walkway and also ride safely.

I believe when this is done, it will help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of pedestrians. The Ghana Police Service should arrest and punish the riders who continue to break the law. I will like to encourage the police to keep up the good work to ensure that our roads become safer.

Elizabeth Agyeibea Ackon,

University of Cape Coast.

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