The Black Star Renaissance:

The Black Star Renaissance:

“The African Caribbean Linkage” in Ghana 

for Revival & Praise Spiritual Exploration

 Members of the African Caribbean Linkage Group are   in Ghana for 

“Revival & Praise Spiritual Exploration.”

They aim to collaborate, share and discover the cultural and spiritual phenomena of the African-Caribbean Linkage.

The goal of the trip is to create relations through community empowerment and social engagement. 

A collaborative venture including activities and programmes that promotes spirituality and empowerment.

The phenomenal voyage to the Motherland by a Jamaican delegation of eleven (11) from North America has been planning to visit Ghana since the launch of The Black Star Renaissance Initiative in September 2021 via The African Caribbean Linkage “The Rebirth Of The African Spirit”. 

The founder, Donnaray Roc journeyed to Ghana from New York City initially to produce highly compelling content to depict Ghana as Africa’s prime hub. 

The content represented brands, the culture and prospects, to promote and market Ghana intended to attract the diaspora back for various quarterly exchanges and tourism explorations,

intended to create tangible, positive, long-lasting effects and productive relationships. 

This Easter is the maiden edition slated for “Revival & Praise Spiritual Exploration” focused on women’s empowerment and spiritual growth.

Its mission is intended to bring value that will contribute to deepening relationships between Ghana and the African Caribbean Diaspora. 

The Black Star Renaissance is welcoming a unified Jamaican diaspora delegation of Doctors, Philanthropist, Apostles, Evangelist, Authors, Ministers, and Gospel

Musicians who are invited to collaborate and fellowship with Believers’ House Of Worship International from April 5th-12th 2023.

There would be a detailed itinerary of programs and activities for ten days led by Apostle Dr Abraham Lamptey and Rev. Mrs Gloria Kafui Lamptey.

This initiative commenced with a welcome ceremony and Press Soiree on the

4th of April at 3 PM at Polo Club. 

It will be followed by some the activities like the official courtesy visits; A time out at the Borstal Institute, participating in a health screening, a panel discussion themed around “Women Spiritual Growth” on Sunny FM, a visit to the Cape Coast Castle; Special visit to Oseadeeyo Kwasi Akuffo III, during the Akwesidae Festival and ceremony; Making donations to Demonstration school for the deaf, in Akwapem Mampong. Other special visits to The Ga Mantse, with regards to the linkage of the Ghanaian rebellion warrior and King “Takyi” who lead the widespread slave rebellion in the

British Colony of Jamaica in the 1760s. 

In addition, spiritual focus programmes will be held at Believers’ House Of Worship International during the Easter weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday for

all to Indulge in “The Rebirth Of The African Spirit”.

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