Things that make him miss you (final)

Things that make him miss you (final)

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  • Your overall chattiness

Whenever you’re together, he acts as if he is generally annoyed and ends up rambling about something he’s not even the least interested in. He acts as if he just wants you to keep quiet and give him peace. However, when you’re not around, he misses hearing your voice. It’s scientifically proven that males generally tend to find comfort and joy in hearing the voice of a woman. And when he doesn’t hear her voice for a while; it stresses him out.

  • Your kisses

Of course, one cannot rule out the physical and emotional significance of a kiss. It’s a very endearing form of physical intimacy that all modern couples incorporate into their daily lives. Sometimes, couples can take their kisses for granted. Sometimes, he can take your kisses for granted. And he’s really going to end up missing your kisses whenever you’re not around. He’s going to miss that physical manifestation of your shared love and affection for each other.

  • Your general thoughtfulness

Whenever you’re together, he loves the fact that you’re always so thoughtful. He appreciates the fact that you are always thinking of him; regardless of what you might be doing. You are always looking out for his best interests even when he fails to do so for himself. He knows he can always count on you to be there for him because of how dedicated you are to his overall happiness and comfort. And when you’re not around, it’s as if he has to pay extra attention to his own needs.

  • Your absence

One thing that REALLY drives a man crazy is your absence. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes, a person doesn’t fully appreciate what one has until it is taken away from him. And if he’s REALLY feeling your absence, then you know just how much you really mean to him. He wants you to always be there for him; but he really feels your impact on his life whenever you’re not around. It’s when you aren’t there that he really gains a better appreciation of what you add to his life.


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