TOUGHA embarks on thrilling exploration of Greater Accra Region in final nationwide tour

TOUGHA embarks on thrilling exploration of Greater Accra Region in final nationwide tour

The Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA) concluded its nationwide tour with a grand finale in the Greater Accra Region from July 1-3.

This three-day event marked the culmination of TOUGHA’s extensive exploration of Ghana’s diverse regions, showcasing the beauty and potential of the country’s capital region.

From Krokrobite to Dodowa, Ada and Prampram, the tour highlighted some of the most captivating sites and attractions in Greater Accra.

This final leg of the journey was designed to be the most memorable, featuring a mix of engaging activities and opportunities for tour operators to familiarize themselves with local tourism products and business connections.

Day One: Krokrobite and Shai Hills

The tour kicked off with visits to several hospitality establishments in the Krokrobite area. President Alisa Osei-Asamoah noted that these visits are crucial for them to understand the current state of the hospitality industry and to make informed recommendations for improvements.

“The beach-front facilities in Krokrobite offer immense potential for boosting our tourism sector and we are concerned not just with the facilities, but the condition of the roads that lead to these facilities. It is our hope that government will fix the roads that are currently in very deplorable state and negatively affectiing the business of hospitality and tourism establishments here,”she said.

The group then visited the Shai Hills Resource Reserve, where they observed diverse wildlife and toured the Museum of Nature and Cultural Heritage.

The day concluded with a visit to the Chenku Waterfall in Dodowa, offering a lush and idyllic environment for relaxation and exploration.

“Chenku Waterfall is one of those hidden treasures that we believe can attract a significant number of tourists with the right promotion and infrastructure,” Mrs. Osei-Asamoah said.

Day Two: Ada Adventures

The second day was filled with exciting activities, beginning with a delightful cruise on the Volta River to Ada Island Zoo (Crocodile Island), where tour operators observed local wildlife. The Volta River cruise and the Ada Island Zoo provide a perfect combination of natural beauty and wildlife, which is a major draw for eco-tourism enthusiasts.

The journey continued to Konkpo Panya (Big Ada), renowned for its clam mining and processing activities and vibrant marketplace. A stop at Alorkpem Island provided first-hand insights into the islanders’ mat weaving craftsmanship.

The TOUGHA President said,“Witnessing the craftsmanship of the islanders at Alorkpem was truly inspiring. Their dedication to preserving traditional skills is commendable.”

The Nkyinkyim Museum offered a poignant tour with its sculpted heads of enslaved Africans, bold murals of Pan-African movement figures, and other symbolic art pieces.

According to Mrs. Osei-Asamoah “The Nkyinkyim Museum is a powerful reminder of our history and the resilience of our people. It is an essential stop for anyone interested in understanding our cultural heritage.”

In keeping with TOUGHA’s tradition, the day included a donation to the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation. Osei-Asamoah stated, “Giving back to the community has always been a core value of TOUGHA. We are committed to supporting initiatives that uplift and empower our people.”

Day Three: Prampram and the African Ancestral Wall

The final day of the tour featured a visit to the African Ancestral Wall in Prampram. The wall, adorned with murals of Pan-African and Black Emancipation Champions, served as a fitting end to the nationwide tour that began in 2021.

The African Ancestral Wall is a profound tribute to the heroes of the Pan-African and Black Emancipation movements. It is a site that evokes pride and reflection.

Reflecting on the tour, President Alisa Osei-Asamoah expressed gratitude to all who participated and supported the initiative. “On behalf of TOUGHA, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has been part of this journey. Our sponsors, the Ghana Tourism Authority, and most importantly, our enthusiastic TOUGHA executives and members, have shown immense commitment. Their participation has been pivotal in making our domestic tourism promotion agenda extremely fruitful.”

She added, “This grand finale in the Greater Accra Region is a testament to the rich and diverse experiences our country has to offer. We are excited about the future of Ghana’s tourism industry and remain dedicated to promoting our nation as a premier travel destination.”

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