Trigger-happy old man misses target

A trigger-happy old man has been arrested by the police for allegedly shooting two people at Tsyome Sabadu in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region on Satur­day, May 6, 2023.

The suspect, Mr. Bukari Paul, 62, is said to have shot his wife and his brother-in-law whose name was giv­en as Budi but as fate would have, Budi (brother-in-law) died in the process.

A resident of the community told The Spectator that Bukari and his wife had been married with three children but the woman, who is in her early forties, recently decided to quit the marriage due to the abusive and irresponsible conduct of her husband.

According to accounts, the mother of three packed her belongings to go and live with her brother but her husband, Bukari, had been issuing death threats since the wife left the house.

An eye witness said Yaaya (not her real name) and his brother, Budi, were enjoying dinner and having a chat that fateful Saturday when Bu­kari walked to them and opened fire, killing his brother-in-law instantly. Fortunately, the wife, who apparent­ly was the main target, somewhat managed to escape the attack.

Some residents told this report­er that after the shooting, Bukari went into hiding but the town folks mounted a search and arrested him at about 1am the next day. He had since been placed in police custody pending investigations.

 By Ernest Nutsugah

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