UK-Africa Heritage Conference set to bring culture and royalty to UK

UK-Africa Heritage Conference set to bring culture and royalty to UK

In support of the Coronation of King Charles III, the British African Business Forum, warmly invites you to the UK African Heritage Conference. The conference is significant in more ways than one, as the Heritage Conference is bringing onboard Africa’s own royalty with rich cultural heritage and beauty from different countries across Africa whilst celebrating the establishment of Monarchy. There will be an unlimited display of Royalty and culture from Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda and many more, the stage is simply set for the Royals.

Empirical evidence gathered since the 1970s shows that most sub-Saharan businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to grow their businesses and are more likely to fail, due to the high levels of uncertainty and risk in their local environments. This instability is brought about by many factors including political and economic instability, changes in global commodity prices and regulations.

Thus, the UK African Heritage Conference seeks to increase trade, support and create investment  and business opportunities between the UK and Africa to help these businesses. The conference will provide a forum to discuss entrepreneurship, banking, finance, infrastructure development, healthcare, education, energy, Agri-tech, legal services, pharmaceuticals, ICT, Agriculture and many more with the aim of strengthening relations between continents and helping businesses grow.

The conference will have investors and businesspeople from top global brands both in the UK and Africa who will be present to network and share insightful knowledge, tips and strategies.

Highlights of the UK African Heritage Conference

v  There will be company exhibitions and high-level networking opportunities with royalty and investors.

v  There will be a fantastic gala night hosted at the House of Lords, with presentations by the Kings and Queens of Africa with a keynote address from Baroness Udin, a Member of the House of Lords, of the All Party   Parliamentary of Africa.

v  A grand tour of Westminster, home to the United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament and much of the British government.

v  An exciting tour of London including exciting sites of cultural and historical importance such as Buckingham palace, home to the royal monarchy, The London eye, across the Thames River and many more.

v  Awards Exhibitions and Performances at the Royal Horse Guards Hotel.

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