Volta Chiefs should honour Chief One as Tourism Ambassador and voice for the Youth – Brown Berry

Volta Chiefs should honour Chief One as Tourism Ambassador and voice for the Youth – Brown Berry

Brown Berry, morning show host of “Ryse N Shine” on YFM 107.9, an Accra-based radio station who was wowed by the exploits of young buzzing Ghanaian artiste, Chief One, says the Chiefs and Traditional Leaders need to look into making him a tourism ambassador.

This according to Brown Berry, will help promote the Region, Volta.

He added that since his music is consumed by most of the youth of the region honouring him with such portfolio would make easy for him to pass on important messages to them.

The fast-rising music talent launched himself unto the scene with mainstream recognition in the last quarter of 2021; his style and sound is a fine infusion of urban creative laced with traditional ensembles from his home-ground (Volta Region), with key projection of his native language, Ewe, which form majority of his lyrical composition.

With a debut EP “Here I Come” surpassing 6 million streams across various digital platforms, Chief One has outlived himself as an indie artiste who rose to fame in Ghana in January 2022 and has been consistent across all year with at least 6 national and international nominations, key among them is Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (2022) and 3Music Awards (2022) in which he won “Next Rated Act” among 16 nationwide contenders.

He is best known for hit singles “Young Boy”, “Mekamo”, “Novayi”, “Du Agbe”, “Turn By Turn”, “Wotelewoea”, just to name a few.

Chief One was on a radio interview with Brown Berry on Wednesday, February 2023 on YFM Accra 107.9 to celebrate 1-year anniversary for his debut EP “Here I Come” which has surpassed 6 million streams on audio streaming service. His song “Wotelewoea” crept over 27 million impressions on Tiktok.

Now under Lion Group management, together with his Lawada Republiq team, Chief One, has already began year 2023 with a first single he titles “One Day”, produced by Hairlergbe. He is still in Accra currently on a 2-week media tour to promote his “One Day” song and “Wotelewoea” video.

Listen to “One Day” on Digital Stores: https://ditto.fm/one-day-chief-one
Listen to “Wotelewoea” on Digital Stores: https://ditto.fm/wotelewoea
Listen to “Turn By Turn” on Digital Stores: https://ditto.fm/turn-by-turn-chief-one
Listen to “Here I Come” on Digital Stores: https://ditto.fm/here-i-come

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