Volta lake tragedy: Let’s not ignore safety precautions

Volta lake tragedy: Let’s not ignore safety precautions

● Travellers on the Volta Lake should be provide enouugh life jackets

Dear Editor,

Five people including two fe­males and three children have reportedly lost their lives when a boat conveying passen­gers to a funeral from Azizanya to Azizakpe in the Ada East District of the Greater Accra Region, cap­sised recently on the Volta Lake.

The boat, which was supposed to carry about 40 to 50 passen­gers, according to news reports, was overloaded with almost 100 passengers without life jackets.

This tragedy, I believe, could have been avoided if safety precautions were taken seriously. The boats have a required number of passengers to carry and that should not have been exceeded under any circumstance.

Although the loss is regret­table, I wonder if some of these unfortunate incidents must occur before we do or take the neces­sary actions.

Life jackets are designed to keep passengers from drowning in case of accidents and I believe no boat or canoe should be made to transport humans without this protective gear on board.

It is commendable that a res­cue team promptly intervened to save lives and we must encourage more basic training in cardiopul­monary restitution (CPR) which is a useful lifesaving technique during emergencies.

This is not the first time we have recorded a boat disas­ter. In January this year, eight school children out of 220 others drowned on the lake while cross­ing with a canoe from Atigagome to Wayokope District Assembly Primary School.

Considering the recurring nature of these accidents, I plead with the authorities to provide more boats and canoes for resi­dents in these catchment areas. They should also be supplied with adequate life jackets and other protective gears to save lives when the unfortunate happens.

Evelyn Naadu Borquaye,

Nungua, Accra.

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