Woman survives snake bite at Abesim

Woman survives snake bite at Abesim

Wonders they say shall never end, a 45-year-old woman who was bitten twice by a snake in the leg and hand but survived the incident at Abesim near Sunyani in the Bono Region. 
The strange incident which happened around 6:15 pm Wednesday(April 19 2023) had sent many people within the neighbourhood wondering with some saying she might be under attack from her perceived enemies. 
 The mother of three whose identity we are keeping under wrap for security reasons was said to have gone to a nearby house within the neighbourhood to purchase avocado as an accompaniment to her boiled yam (ampesi) for supper on that fateful evening. 
And on her return home, she came into contact with the dangerous reptile hiding on the footpath.
The snake bite her leg and hand bite it before she threw it away.  Mr James Debrah, a neighbour who broke the story to thespectatoronline.com said the woman whose husband is currently domiciled in the United States of America shouted for help.
He said some neighbours rushed to the scene and saw the woman lying unconscious with blood oozing from the leg and right hand. 
She was subsequently rushed to the Regional hospital in Sunyani where she was admitted,  treated and discharged the following day.
Coincidentally, a source at the hospital told thespectatoronline.com that they received seven cases of snake bites on the same day from different places within the municipality  
Mr Debrah used the opportunity to advise residents in the Sunyani Municipality to weed and clear the bushes that have grown within and around the houses to prevent reptiles from harbouring in them. 
From Daniel Dzirasah Sunyani 

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