Women urged to use innate skills to ‘lure’ partners

Women urged to use innate skills to ‘lure’ partners

Mrs Joycleyn Adii addressing the participants at the forum

 The Bono Regional Di­rector, Department of Gender, Joycelyn Adii has urged women to make use of their innate gifts or skills such as respect, pampering and ‘sweet talk’ to lure their partners to support them in household chores and other responsibilities.

These, she said, would soft­en the hearts of their partners to make them more willing to offer them the need­ed assistance at home.

“Most men are willing to help their partners when they are shown respect and pampered and not made to feel they are obliged to do so, “she said.

Mrs Adii was speaking at a community dialogue on wom­en’s participation in decision making at the household and community levels at Yawhima, near Sunyani in the Bono Re­gion on Saturday.

The programme was or­ganised by the Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF), an NGO in partnership with Depart­ment of Gender with support from Plan Ghana International under its WISE project.

It was intended to ensure more women play key roles in the development of communi­ties at the local level.

It also sought to deepen the knowledge and understand­ing of men, and community members on women’s rights and the benefits in supporting women’s economic and social empowerment drives among others.

About 15 communities with an estimated 1,500 men and women in the Sunyani Munic­ipality have been targeted to benefit from the four year programme.

Some of the communities are Nkrankrom, Yawhima, Nkrankese, Watchman, and Nwanwasua among others.

The Bono Regional Director of Gender appealed to men to see the need to bring on board the views and opinions of their partners and children in the decision making process to ensure peace and harmony in the home.

This, she said, has the po­tential to diffuse tension and conflicts arising from women exclusion and building a better society for all.

Nana Abena Saah, Krontihe­maa of Yawhima commended the organisers of the pro­gramme, saying it would go a long way to build communi­ties.

She urged women to keep personal hygiene at all times to promote their health and as well look presentable for their husbands.

A 50-year old farmer, Godwin Odame urged men to be more responsible by working hard to provide the needs of their families to make the home lively at all times.

 From Daniel Dzirasah, Yawhimaa

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