Kokonte and hot pepper

Kokonte and hot pepper

Kokonte is a staple food eaten in many parts of Gha­na, Togo and other West African countries. It is primarily made of dried cassava flour.

The method of preparation is similar to that of banku and tuo zaafi. It has a unique brown colour which differ­entiates it from banku, fufu, akple or tuo zaafi.

Kokonte or konkonte is mostly taken as lunch or dinner and served with groundnut soup, okro stew, light soup, palm nut soup or ground pepper.

Kokonte also known as ‘face the wall’ is sold in local eateries (chop bars) in Ghana and can also be prepared at home.


• Dried cassava flour

• Water

Ingredients for hot pepper

• Three large tomatoes

• Three peppers

• Two large onion

Two tablespoonfuls of salt


-Pour two cups of water into a metallic cooking pot

-Place it on the source of heat and boil

-Whiles boiling, fetch some of the hot water and set aside.

-Add two-and-a-half cups of cassava flour to the boiling water in bits

-Stir with the wooden spatula while adding to ensure there are no lumps formation.

-Knead the mixture with the wooden ladle to form a thick and consis­tent paste.

-Continue kneading till you get the texture you need with no lumps.

-When cooked, use a small bowl to scoop and mould into desired sizes.

-Serve whiles hot with groundnut soup or palm nut soup.

-Store the remaining into a refrigerator or food container.

-Wash tomatoes, pepper and onion under running water.

– Grind pepper and onion and add salt to taste.

-Add tomatoes, when ready and serve with kokonte.

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