Lamugine drink

Lamugine drink

— Lamugine is a locally made non-alcoholic drink that is simply made with ginger and rice. It is very popular in the northern part of Ghana and some parts of southern Ghana.

It is also known as ‘Hausa beer’. It is very spicy due to its high amounts of Ginger and other hot spicies.


-3 cups of rice

-2 fingers of cloves

-One large of ginger

-One cup of sugar


-2 tablespoonful of vanilla essence


-Soak rice overnight to soften it

-Pour off the water and put the rice in a blender

-Add water depending on the quantity of rice used

-Blend till smooth. Sift it and add sugar and stir

-Put it in a glass jug and refrigerate it.

-It is best enjoyed with ice cubes

-Please note that the rice is raw not cooked

-It is suitable for all occa­sions and time.

Source: Rihofoods

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