Palmnut soup

Palmnut soup

Palmnut soup

Palm nut soup is a popular soup in West Africa. In Ghana it is one of the most consumed soups.

Preparing palm nut soup can be time consuming as compared to other soups.It can be eaten with ampesi, fufu, rice balls, banku etc.


– An olonka of palmnuts

-Two pounds of meat

-Five pieces ofcrabs

-One smoked of salmon

-Three pieces of large onions

-Five pieces of medium-sized garden eggs

-Five pieces of red bell pepper

-Four pieces of garlic gloves

-Two Maggi cubes

-One pound of wele

-One ginger

-One tablespoonful of salt


-Pour palmnuts into a clean bowl and wash thoroughly with clean water.

-Place in a large cooking pot and boil under high heat for about 30

minutes until its soften

-Remove from fire, drain water and pour into a mortar.

-Pound gently until all the covering of the palmnuts fall off the nuts.

-Place the pounded mixture into a bowl and cover it.

-Wash meat and cut into smaller pieces and place into a clean cooking pot.

-Wash ginger, garlic and onions and blend together.

-Pour the blended ingredients over the chopped meat.

-Add some spice and steam until the meat softens.

-Clean the crabs Salmon and set aside.

-Add fresh tomatoes, garden eggs, pepper and onions into the steaming pot.

 -Add little amount of water and increase heat to boil.

-Add a litre of hot water to the pounded palmnut you set aside earlier.

-The water should be moderately hot so that you can put your hands inside.

-Mix thoroughly with your hands.

-Take the fiber part of the mixture bit by bit and squeeze the liquid out and

set aside.

-Sieve the mixture until you have enough liquid with no fibers in it.

-Place a colander over the pot of meat and gently pour the palmnut mixture

into it.

-Allow the soup to cook over high heat.

-Remove the tomatoes, onions, garden eggs and pepper and mash together.

-Add it back into the cooking pot.

-Add Maggi cubes

-Add crabs

Add salmon

Stir gently to avoid mashing the fish.

Cook for over 15 to 20 minutes until the surface turns oily.

Source: recipejoint

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