Revenge (Part 4)

‘Okay. Let’s do it. Jeff, she will go with you and the child. I’m very confident that by God’s Mercy, Ebo will be confirmed as your child, and the two of you can continue to live as a happy couple’.

Kobby was already seated when we arrived. We were called into the laboratory, and swabs of Elaine, Ebo, Kobby and myself were done. During the tense one hour that we waited for the results, I went outside, called my parents and told them what had happened. Mama wept uncontrollably, but Papa was furious.       

 ‘Listen, your wife has chosen the path for herself. The marriage is over. My friendship with her father does not matter at all. I’m waiting for the news’.

Kobby was first called in and given the result. He came back with his head in his hands, and Elaine collapsed on the floor, wailing. I went in, took the envelope and opened it. In black and white, it said that I was not Ebo’s father. I walked over to Kobby. 

‘Sir, you have won the day. Ebo is your son, and Elaine is yours. Congratulations!’                                         I called my dad and informed him. I dropped Elaine and Ebo home, and drove off to my parents’ place. My marriage to Elaine was over

The following morning, I called Assor, and we agreed to meet for lunch. This time the atmosphere was not tense. Her parents had already told her about the developments.                                                ‘So what happens now, Brother Jeff?’    

The marriage is over. She was involved with the man before we married, and they continued during the marriage. So in real terms I was having an affair with another man’s wife. I’ve told her parents’.               

‘This is so sad. I don’t know what to say’. ‘Assor, do you remember saying that you would do anything to help me?’. ‘Yes, and I mean it.’                                   

‘Okay. I would like to meet a very beautiful young lady with character who would consider having a relationship with me. For now it can be more of a friendship. When she considers me worthy, then we can take it to another level. I’m talking about someone like you’.                                        

‘Ei! Brother Jeff! But you know Elaine is my cousin, and she wouldn’t take it lying down’.                                                            ‘She’s your cousin, not your sister. And as I said, we never got married, because she was already in a relationship which has continued till now. I know that you will never betray me’.                                          ‘Brother Jeff, this is very difficult’.                 

‘Assor, I’m travelling to Takoradi tomorrow. I’ll be back the following evening, so we can meet for lunch the day after. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you’.                                                                 

 ‘But won’t it look scandalous when people notice that whilst you were in the process of separation, I was also in the process of hooking up with you!?’.                                   

‘Assor, no man in his right mind would continue in such a marriage. The marriage was a non-starter. And as for you, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know you, at close range, for some time. At the very least, let’s give ourselves the chance’.                                                                                                             

‘Brother Jeff, I can only say that we should hope and pray that it works’.

In the next few days I moved my personal stuff from what was my marital home, to my parents house, after assuring Elaine that I was willing to give her any reasonable financial  help she may need. She appeared really devastated at the turn of events, but I was not fooled. 

She had cleverly planned to carry out her betrayal for a very long time, and she was confident that I would never find out. 

Fortunately, Assor came on the scene just in time. I only latched onto her because she was just what I needed. It was only coincidental that she offered me the opportunity to exact the perfect revenge.

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