Set a day aside to celebrate drivers

Set a day aside to celebrate drivers

Samuel Amoah

The National Deputy Public Rela­tions Officer (PRO) of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Mr Samuel Amoah is calling for a consideration of a day to be set aside and celebrated as ‘Driver’s Day.’

“That would encourage profession­alism and go a long way to show the commitment of the country to ensur­ing road safety,” he said.

Mr Amoah told The Spectator in an interview that the call was not new in Ghana where days have been set aside to celebrate people in other professions for the contribution to­wards nation building.

“It would be a proud moment to call out private and commercial driv­ers who have driven responsibly on the road and prevent needless deaths for awards annually.

“Drivers who do not drink and drive, over speed, over load, do not ignore road signs, do not speak on the phone while driving, disrespect their passengers and other road users should be highly commended,” he said.

Mr Amoah believes that a ‘Driver’s Day’ celebration will among encour­age more drivers to live up to expec­tations and become more conscious and responsible on the road.

He said on a daily basis, the GPRTU received calls of commendation for drivers who has acted and conducted themselves professionally.

“We are also quick to take punitive measures against those who have misconducted themselves or bring the name of the job into disrepute,” he stated.

He said if a driver carried many passengers from one place to the oth­er successfully, it was considered a normal thing, however, if the unfor­tunate happens and lives were lost, the whole country takes them on.

Mr. Amoah said good works should be rewarded to serve as a motivation to those who are upholding the right standard to continue their good work.

He said it would also encourage more drivers to take their mainte­nance culture seriously because a vehicle in a right state for the road was equally important.

The PRO said the contributions of drivers in the area of the economy by carrying several workers to and from work daily and also carrying farm produce to the market to feed the nation was also enormous.

From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Ashaiman

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