Should l take her back?

Should l take her back?

We had enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the blessings of our parents including our friends.

They described our union as an unbreakable bond of friendship which became the envy of many people.

As our love for each other grew over time, we had the blessings of our parents to marry.

Feverish preparations were made and we were looking forward to a memorable traditional marriage to be followed by a grand wedding ceremony.

However, a few months to the scheduled date, l realised my fiancé’s character had changed to my surprise.

Upon persistent pressure mounted on her to find out the reason behind her attitude, she was bold to tell me that someone else had proposed to her and she would marry him instead of me.

Having considered several factors and upon fervent prayers, l gave in to her decision and she went ahead to marry the man of her choice.

Though downhearted, l was able to pick up the pieces and settled down to marry another lady with an impeccable character.

Four years down the lane, one day my old fiancé called my phone for a lengthy discussion and she later followed up with many visits to my office.

To be brief, her marriage is now on the rocks and she is pleading that though l am married, l should take her as a second wife.

She visits me often, trying to woe me back but l am not moved since l am now married. I have decided to consider her as a family friend, and nothing more to that.

Kodzo, Accra.

Dear Kodzo,

I respect you for the high level of resilience you have put up in the midst of such a challenging experience.

Though others could have been swept off their feet to do the contrary, you persisted and gracefully succeeded with ease.

You have done the right thing by not neglecting her totally. You have also done well by accepting her as a family friend and nothing more to that.

Having taken this decision, make sure  you go by it and do not allow yourself to be swayed  by the relentless  efforts of this old lover of yours who is capable of going to all lengths to win your love back.

Know your limitations and stick to your principles to remain unperturbed.

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