What should I do now?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

From my perspective, I can say with conviction that finding a lover is indeed a tough one. Thinking of who to date and marry drives me nuts every day because people keep changing over time.

There is this girl in my area who I have been ‘crush­ing’ on for some time now. I consulted an elderly person in my area on my decision to propose love to this girl and he took me along the lines of approaching her. Every­thing turned out to be sailing smoothly until I got bounced.

Sadly, I said to myself not to approach her or any lady again but then I gave it a sec­ond thought.

Should I try again, maybe this time round my luck will shine or I should just forget about her and move on?

Kelvin Boakye, Osu

Dear Kelvin,

You did not mention the reason the lady in question gave when she ‘bounced’ you. In the absence of that, I would give a generic advice to you.

If her reasons are not religious or she being married or dating, you could give it a second try. There’s no harm in trying at love the second time. But that notwithstand­ing, you could offer to be an acquaintance and take it slowly.

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