How will the end be?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

 I Started dating this guy since I completied SHS and everything has been sailing smoothly but I am of the view that he might jilt me along the way due to my past expe­rience.

I must confess, my guy is as gentle as a lamb but I have trust issues with him since he does not openly tell me every­thing he is going through.

Until recently, he has started putting up weird behaviour which I am un­comfortable with but I have decided to swim against the tide because it seems he is not taking me serious any­more. He does not pick my calls, besides he shouts at me. I currently have my heart in my mouth because I can foresee danger ahead but I do not want to be a victim.

Ama, Osu

Dear Ama,

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Trust issues should be handled with tact. I advise that when you get in touch with him politely ask if he wants to remain in the relationship with you. I believe he will tell you about his problems and seek help. In the meantime if you still get the same treatment from him be focused, forge ahead in life and pursue your dream. Build your life and any good man would cherish you once you are positive and progres­sive.

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