I am confused in life

Dear Obaa Yaa,

I am a young lady in my early 30s. I had a child with someone but my parents did not approve our being together.

Three years down the line, I met another guy and I told him everything and he agreed to be with me and promised to marry me and stand by me.

After a year of dating, I got pregnant for him then he went to see my parents and promised them that after I had put to bed, he will come and marry me.

I have lived with him since my pregnancy and have done everything a woman does for her man but he keeps postponing the mar­riage rites.

Our child is a year and six months old now and he still has not said a word about per­forming the marriage rites.

We have been together for three years now.

What do I do please? I do not want to make the same mistake I made with my first child.

Sylvia, Amasaman.


Dear Sylvia,

I want to commend your second boyfriend for staying with you throughout the period of pregnancy.

For a man to accept someone’s child as his own and still love you was a good thing and must be applauded for it.

I would advise you to be calm, take your time and just pray to God.

It can be that your husband-to-be is preparing himself well in terms of finance. You know marriage entails a lot in terms of finances because he needs to prepare for settle bride price and other marital demands for you to become his wife.

Don’t be in a rush for him to marry you now and not have money to take care of the home.

Approach him with a calm tone to know his mind, how things are going with the preparations and why he keeps postponing the dates.

You would not know his mind unless you ask him. Back your issues and problems with prayers and I believe everything would go on well successfully.

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