Is my girlfriend real?

 Dear Obaa Yaa

I am 30 years of age, dating a girl of 26 years for two years now. She is a banker and I am a pharmacist.

Our relationship used to be a long distance one because of the nature of our jobs till I came back home to settle.

I went through her phone the first time to see how she was managing her life while I was away. Surprisingly, I didn’t see a single chat history on her phone with any other friend except me.

I checked for the second time and the third time and saw nothing of that sort.

Is it normal for a girl not to chat with anybody except her boyfriend?

James, Gbawe


Dear James,

From my perspective, your girl­friend should be s a commended for her faithfulness to you.

I would strongly advise you to cherish your relationship with her.

Instead of harbouring doubts about this, you should rather praise her because it is not easy to find genuine good and kind-hearted person like her. They are very rare species.

Holding on to a relationship with such a ‘good girl’ is an opportunity to rather appreciate rather than having thoughts you can hardly find evidence to substantiate.

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