Never again in my life

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

I took life easy from the be­ginning and things were mov­ing on well for which reason I was happy.

I was always in the compa­ny of my friends, and we did things that pleased us and considered them as one of the best options in the world.

Nobody mattered to us and we did not hesitate to decline the pieces of advice given to us over the period.

To the best of our knowl­edge, we knew more than those who claimed to advise us on how best we should conduct our lives.

A few months after I had started moving with Frank, I discovered to my surprise that I was pregnant.

Since I was not prepared for pregnancy and its related prob­lems at that time, my fervent prayer was to see my menses flow to gladen my heart, but that did not happen.

I was, therefore, compelled to carry the unwanted preg­nancy and was eventually de­livered of a baby boy without the support of my lover who had earlier showered loving words and a few gifts on me.

Having gone through this condition single- handedly without any support from him, what should I do?

Should I revenge in any way conceivable or should I report to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU)?

Maame, Accra.

Dear Maame,

You have done well by laying bare the facts in your narration.

Having read through your letter, I am tempted to say that you are your own teacher and have taken useful lesson from the problem you have gone through.

Let this be your guide through life and do not hes­itate to admonish the youth whenever you get the least opportunity.

Try to contact the parents of your lover and force them to live up to their parental re­sponsibilities. This man should not shirk his responsibilities only for the child to grow and he will come forward to claim him.

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