All about marriage (2)

All about marriage (2)

• Love is natural

 How to have a thriving sex life with your partner

Relationships need to grow and evolve with steps taken in the right direction from both partners. For example, some kink goes a long way in establishing openness and vulnerability in marriage.

Explore how to do this and more in this article on HYPERLINK “ advice/physical-intimacy/kinky-sex-ideas/” kinky sex ideas for a thriving sex life with your partner.

How to make a marriage work

No single factor and no spe­cial event can make a marriage work since partners need to work at several aspects every day. You have to begin by understanding what marriage is to you and also explore how love, trust, respect, and com­munication make a marriage work.

How to have a happy marriage

Every marriage goes through ups and downs which leaves couples wondering To create a solid base and even out the rough patches in the relationship for a long-term happy marriage, make sure you understand the true meaning of marriage and express your love to your spouse.

What are the signs of a long-lasting marriage?

A happy and successful marriage has elements beyond love. A happy marriage means the couples un­derstand the traits of compromise, vulnerability, respect, and commu­nication.

To know further, read this article by Psychologist Tessa Burns Martin and understand the traits or signs of a long-lasting marriage.

How to save your marriage from divorce

Partners usually bog each other down with dissatisfaction when a marriage is heading south. Alter­natively, they should work on the relationship and practise honesty to uplift the status of the marriage to save their marriage from divorce.

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