She has broken my heart

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

I met this beautiful lady in 2021 at a crusade in Accra. Coincidentally, we stayed at the same place during the crusade as we listened to the word of God, prayed, and danced to gospel tunes from different artistes.

Having stayed at the same place throughout the night, it became obvious when l requested for her contact before we finally parted company at dawn to our respective homes.

I called her in the eve­ning and that opened the floodgates of constant interactions between us. We sustained this lovely rela­tionship until we agreed to get married.

This decision was wel­comed by our parents and friends, all of whom wished us the best in our proposed marriage.

Unfortunately, as the time for our marriage drew closer, her attitude toward me changed and she made up her mind not to pick my calls any longer.

Shocked by this sudden change in her behaviour, l momentarily became dis­turbed and could not eat for days.

My mother who realised there was something wrong, consoled me with these words, “when one door is closed, another is opened.”

This revived my spirit and l tried to forget about this sad incident.

What should l do?

Thomas- Koforidua.

Dear Thomas,

Every misfortune comes with blessings provided one is patient to listen and follow events that happen in life.

God could be delivering you from a serious problem in the future so you should not be disturbed by the sud­den change of events.

Take your time to study situations carefully and be of good cheer since there are better days ahead, provided you wait for God’s direction.

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